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Sunny Coffee Wholesale

We reckon there are special moments at every part of the Sunny coffee process. From a sunrise over Ethiopia to our Sunny faces (wrinkles aside) when we’ve got a roast just right. But where the whole circle of coffee makes its biggest impact is with you. As a barista, you’re the ones who make Sunday mornings easy, who take the stress out of running late for work, who are there to have a chat, fill a cup and make someone’s day that little bit better.

Which is why Sunny is all about making it as easy as possible for our wholesale mates to share good coffee with your local community. Here’s how we do it.

From Sunny

The quality of Sunny Coffee all starts with our approach to sourcing and our ethos. The producers we work with, the beans we source and our commitment to consistent flavour all make a difference in the coffee we deliver.

Good coffee starts with knowing where to find it. At Sunny, we source coffees that we’re proud to roast through relationships we’ve formed with the people and places they come from. 

We purchase from the same producers and growers year in, year out. It doesn’t just help to create a sustainable and reliable income for the farmers we work with, it also means we can consistently access the freshest green coffees from around the world.

Our roasting process aims to highlight the unique qualities that exist in the bean from the moment it was picked. We believe that what a customer gets in their cup should be a direct representation of the coffee that left the farm.

And as much as we love a story, this isn’t all talk. We spend hours and hours at the cupping table, making sure we’ve got everything right and figuring out how we can improve.

To You

From fresh, sustainable blends and single origins to equipment, servicing and training– Sunny has the tastiest coffee in your neighbourhood ready to go.

Let’s have a chat about what that means for the fine folks who work with Sunny.

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How we can help you succeed

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Our blends are roasted to provide a coffee that’s as delicious as it is reliable, all year round. We’re able to change our blend components with the seasons to ensure freshness and most consistent flavour profile. 

This approach means we can always provide you with fresh, high-quality beans, while improving and adapting our roast throughout the year. Each roast is cupped and assessed for quality, to make sure you’re getting the best product possible.

Our singles are all about celebrating the story behind the farm. When we source beans, they come from producers that we’ve formed relationships with, whose personality, talent and dedication we want to represent when we roast.  We’re always seeking a direct representation of the product that left the farm gate. 

We aim to develop long lasting relationships with producers and exporters, often buying the same coffees year on year. We feel this is one of the most direct and sustainable ways to impact development at farm level. 

Sunny’s got your back. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been slinging ‘spros for years, we’re here to make sure you’ve got everything you need to do your thing – day in, day out.

As your coffee partner, Sunny offers wholesale pricing on all of the coffee equipment and smallwares you need to set up a high-end coffee program. Once you’ve got what you need, we’ll be there with on-site layout consultation and expert installation so you can focus on the tasty stuff.

But we’re not going to love you and leave you.

Need help building and pricing a coffee menu? We've got you covered. 

Need connections to great suppliers? We've been doing this for years and can get you in touch with people who are making the best stuff available.

Need to improve your coffee sales? We’ll visit you on-site to help with coffee training, retail merchandising and troubleshooting for anything you’ve been finding tricky.

We also have in-house technical support, as well as access to excellent third-party technicians to ensure you’re always able to make a great cup of coffee.

We love the way coffee knowledge gets shared around our industry. The little tricks of the trade that get passed around from barista to barista are a big part of what’s made the Australian coffee scene so special.

So we’re not going to rock up at your location looking to micromanage and nitpick every tiny detail of how you do things.

But if you do need a hand, say no more. Whether it’s a floor runner who wants to get their start on shots, getting the low-down on batch brews or learning how to fine tune your machine – whatever you’re looking to learn, Sunny is just a call away.


We want to help your customers understand how each part of the Sunny process has made an impact on the coffee in their cup. We focus less on the jargon, and more on people, their stories and their love for coffee.

We can chat about altitudes, processes and palates until the cows come home, but no matter how you spin it – good coffee is good coffee. 

That being said, good coffee takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication from a whole range of people all over the world.

We’d love for your customers to know what makes our coffee special, without feeling like they have to be an expert. So we provide the resources that help you share the story behind Sunny Coffee in a way that anyone can appreciate.

Say,  for example, you’re running a Villamaria single origin for your batch brew. Sure, we’ll provide the location, variety, processing and altitude  – that’s a given. But we’ll also let you know how our producers go about their day, what they like about the bean, how Sunny found them, what we were aiming for during the roast, and anything else that will help tell our story.

It’s an approach that we hope will grow an appreciation for what everyone in our process does to bring good coffee to our communities. – from producers, to Sunny, to legends like you.


We want to share the stories that coffee creates with the people that make them possible. We’d love for you to be a part of it.

A thought came to us a little while ago: coffee makes a pretty big difference to people’s lives. We’re a humble bunch in our industry, but think about how many folks in the community know their barista by name, or how those baristas know their orders by heart, and how their week’s been going, and their favourite band. You start to realise that when it comes to coffee, we mean a lot to one another.

So at Sunny, we want to bring the good that coffee creates full circle. We want producers in Bolivia to hear how a flat white with two helped get an essay over the finish line. We want front of house staff to know what farmers in Colombia have been listening to while they’re out on the estate. We’d even be keen for customers to hear about how good old Sunny has been going with their roasts  – the hits, the misses, the bad jokes and the good people who make them.

We want to bring good coffee full circle, and we are happy for you to join us for the ride.