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NEW RELEASE: Ethiopia Worka chalbessa - washed yirgacheffee


Our single origin coffee offer is always changing as fresh lots become available from different regions. We only buy small amounts of these coffees and they will run out. Don’t worry though, we will always have something new available when the others run out. We are always happy to guide you through any coffee queries you may have, drop us a line anytime. 

Can you grind the coffee? Yes, we have multiple grind options available to suit all brew methods. We strongly recommend grinding whole beans at home, it is definitely the simplest way to improve the quality of your cup of coffee.

We recommend storing the coffee at room temperature in the bag it comes in. Please don’t store it in the fridge

You will find the roast date on the bottom of the bag. We feel the coffee tastes best at one to six weeks from the roast date. 

There is a lot of information available online on how best to make coffee in a variety of different brew methods. We recommend you try for yourself and come up with an amount that you enjoy.

Firstly, we start with great green coffee from RED Association in Colombia, El Carmen. The green coffee is then put through Sugar Cane decaffeination process.

This uses a natural ethyl acetate from fermented sugar cane, sourced in Southern Colombia. The coffee is steamed in the final part of the process, removing 97% of the caffein and leaving less ethyl acetate in the coffee than what is found naturally in a banana.

Oh, lastly, it tastes exceptionally good!

We recommend you find out what kind of brew method the lucky person uses and get the coffee ground for that brew method. There is no omni-grind that can be used for all methods. Alternatively, you could treat them and get them a filter cone and papers and have their coffee ground for filter.

Yes, if you are interested in using our coffee in your café or shop, please contact us through the wholesale page.

Only if you have a reusable pod system. We have chosen to focus on roasting great coffee for now but may look to a biodegradable pod option soon.


We source and roast coffees we love from individual farms, estates and cooperatives.

When we taste a coffee that we like, we want to know where it comes from and who grows, picks and processes it. We visit farms and cooperatives where feasible and always work with suppliers that share our values.

We believe the continued support of existing relationships is key to sustainable growth and we treat our green coffee sourcing in this same way.

We want long term and supportive relationships, you can expect to see coffees from the same producers and farms year on year.  This helps us to maintain and improve quality but also ensures a sustainable growth for us and our sourcing partners.

We do not currently stock any organic coffee

No. See above for how we go about buying our coffee.


Yes, please follow this link to our subscription page. You can choose between a blend subscription for the espresso lovers or a single origin subscription for the filter coffee drinkers.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

If you have any questions that we haven't covered here, please send us an email on hello@sunnycoffee.com.au