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Why Sunny?

Our focus is to elevate, foster and support you and your team at every step on your way to success.



We are a team of industry professionals dedicated to seeing you succeed by sharing our diverse experience and insight.

Partnering with Sunny goes far beyond the coffee. We will consult with you on the design, build and execution of your coffee program, tailoring our support to suit your specific needs.



The equipment you use and how it is maintained has a direct correlation to the quality of the final cup of coffee. As such, we work with equipment partners and technicians who are leaders in their industry.

The equipment that we suggest has been carefully selected from our equipment parters - it is dependable, beautiful and produces the best possible coffee time and time again.



Regardless of experience, we will tailor coffee and hospitality training to suit your vision. Our team has experience training teams for hole-in-the-wall independent shops, to high-volume cafes, and even in-office or home coffee stations.