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NEW RELEASE: Ethiopia Worka chalbessa - washed yirgacheffee

About Us

We are specialty coffee roasters with a vision for transparency and sustainability, working to do justice to our coffee partners at origin.


The Coffee

A focus on sourcing and supporting growers allows Sunny Coffee to produce the best small batch, artisanal coffee to offer to our customers.

Our seasonal blend is a mix of freshest specialty coffees and sourced sustainably. Multiple yearly harvests and shipments keep the freshest possible supply of green coffee in our blend.



We directly source the main component of our blend, Colombia El Carmen, which is part of a new buying system called 'Red Associations'.

These Association ensure that producers at origin are paid well above the cost of production, ensuring better conditions on farms and a long-term future for coffee growers.


Roasting and Quality

Roaster Ben Presland is hands-on across the entire production process ensuring our standards are kept high across the board. 

Weekly quality control cuppings ensure that we are delivering a tasty and consistent cup of coffee, true to the original flavours of the green coffee bean.